Friday, June 5, 2009

At present there are two types of GENE (P3400) and they are known as NEW GENE & OLD GENE. The OLD GENE is not available now in the market now (i think).

So the main difference between both of them is XIP.

Now come to business....

To upgrade the ROM you need to patch the SPL first.

SPL or Second Program Loader is a part of your phone's firmware. Its responsible for both loading of operating system and it is also used by operating system for some low level tasks. By Default, HTC and Other Manufacturers too, design it in such a way that it does not allows custom ROMs to be flashed in the phone. It does no by checking for the Digital Signature of HTC on roms. So it need to be patched in order to flash custom ROMs.

The SPL patching method is different for OLD & NEW GENE.

To know which GENE you have download this (developed by me) and extract its contents, after extracting execute the file on your PC and follow the instructions there...

To do SPL unlocking read this

I know the SPL unlocking method in above given link is not that easy but it really works if u read it word by word.....

OK OK.....

If u need something really very easy for SPL unlocking then download this (developed by me)and extract its contents and execute it on your PC and follow the instructions...

Monday, May 4, 2009


Download any ROM available in this blog and extract its contents somewhere in your PC and then open that folder and run Rom update Utility (ruu) and follow the following steps...

Download OS image from here

Un-zip the file and execute RUU program.

Follow instruction on your PC

complete check box and "NEXT"

On process will show your device current ROM version

choose "UPDATE

Confirm your ROM version and new update version then choose "NEXT"

Click "Next" to proceed.

Read the information from pop-up message and the OS update procedure will takes 10 minutes long.

Click "Next" to proceed

You can see the update progress from your PC and in your device.

The OS upgrade is finished, click "Finish" to close the utility.

Available ROMs

Available ROMs

Sumit's WM 6.1 VanillaManila v2.0 Ultimate & v1.0

For New Gene :


For OLD Gene :


WM 6.1 Pro User's ROM v2 Rev1 and v1 by Sumit Bhardwaj :)

Version 1.04
New Gene with Opal Dialer :
New Gene with Default Dialer :

For Old Gene with Opal Dialer :
For Old Gene with Default Dialer :

Version 2.0 Revision 1

New GENE :

Old GENE with New WM 6.1 OS (build 21109) :
Old GENE with Old WM 6.1 OS (build 20931) :

Version 2 Revision 2
New GENE (MediaFire):
New GENE (MegaUpload):